2017 Conference Program

Here are just a few of the timely topics we discussed in our sessions:

Global Mobility

  • How will major changes in the global environment, like Brexit and the new U.S. administration, impact immigration, tax regulations and other areas of interest? How do businesses understand and manage these changes—and the uncertainty surrounding them?
  • The U.S.-inbound challenge: The practical day-to-day struggles U.S. inbound assignees face and how corporate managers can help with the assimilation process.
  • Safety & security: Safety and security are a greater concern than ever. Beyond the obvious hazards, what about the everyday situations that we take for granted in our home country?
ยท Cultural and language training: How do we determine the ROI?

U.S. Domestic Mobility

  • Domestic Tax: How do we effectively track extended business travelers and those on temporary domestic assignments? What are the risks and costs of non-compliance?
  • Temporary Living: How do we meet the needs of rotating trainees, interns and short-term assignees?
  • Information technology: How can mobility professionals manage data from multiple technology platforms from multiple suppliers?
  • Regional real estate and mortgage: Market trends in Illinois, Missouri and Wisconsin

Relo 101 Learning Labs

  • Homesale programs and how to measure their performance
  • Domestic and global HHG topics
  • Global compensation, tax and immigration
  • Appraisals, inspections and mortgages

General Breakfast Session

  • The First 100 Days: How will the new administration’s policies affect the employee mobility industry?


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